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US-GERM AFRICA PROJECT (YouTube) Channel is a scam — musicians cry foul — Dorido exposed!

by 265 Entertainment Magazine

Dorido – (I can’t bring in the sponsors that’s nonsense)

Recently musicians were kept busy with the highest hopes that finally they will be able to make money from there art. This was due to the promises made by US-GERM AFRICA project. A YouTube channel headed by Dorido, who’s real name Bornvictor Moyowatha Banda, describes himself as a rapper and comedian.

The Channel promised local musicians that they will be able to make cash after submitting there videos to the Channel and getting 25K views in a month. Meeting the two conditions would see them moving away with a fortune. A deal which many gladly accepted and started putting in effort, in no time to achieve the goals.

Meanwhile things did turn sower as some of the people using the services started asking questions to the head of the move, Mr Dorido. Who failed to justify the legitimacy of his company. Hence forcing many into believing that the project is a scam.

Among other things Mr Dorido has failed to give his birth name to his followers and also he is failing to bring into account some of the people he is describing as sponsors of the project. Mr Dorido has also failed to provide the necessary paperwork regarding there project in the country.

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Commenting on the matter, well known female musicians in the country, expressed anger towards Mr Dorido’s failure to clarify his dealings In this project.

US-Germ African project YouTube channel

The MHHA award winner Luki247, Valine, Brinnah, Angella and many others are expressing there worries saying “we have been used”.

Considering the fact that Dorido has completely denied to bring the people he works with, so that they help him in addressing the matter.

As it stands we hear that a white lady Catherine Meyer, owning the YouTube Channel named ‘the finest’ is behind the project, a rumour which is not yet proved. Also Mr Dorido has Failed to declare as to how much they will be paying each artist after they meet the necessary conditions.

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