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The Taste Before The Bite

by Harold Kapindu

Tendai M. Shaba might be a rookie in poetry cycles. The name might sound strange to most and familiar to a few people who keenly follow Malawian folk music.

Shaba is the brains behind acoustic outfit, Chipasula Project. He currently manages and produces the group’s material.

On the other hand, the urban music fraternity might be familiar with Mr. Tex, a rapper and record producer who has worked with various local and internatiobal acts ranging from Lomwe, Sonye, Theo Thompson to Phyzix.

Besides music, Shaba is also a poet and writer. Inspired by Chinua Achebe, William Shakespeare and Agatha Christie, Shaba developed a passion for English and African literature at a tender age of 14.

However, Shaba’s style of writing and storytelling is
heavily influenced by Bob Marley, Aesop fables and British cinema.

It is against this background that this multitalented young man has recently launched a poetry series designed to engage readers and listeners as part of community and awareness building before the release of his book titled “The Taste before the Bite”.

The poetry series has 7 poems and focuses on psychological concepts such as self-actualization, self
awareness, self motivation as well as self belief.

The poetry series, available in Audio, PDF, eBook and printable workbook includes poems titled Real, Realizing myself, Attraction, How have you been? , Climb, Just
because and 31.

This is the first poetry series by this author, who intends to write 5 books on personal
development by 2030.

On this year’s Valentines Day, Shaba released two poems “Dedication” and “The dark” off “The taste before the bite” book, a collection of poems written from June 2019 to January 2020.

“Dedication” is a letter styled poem addressed to dear self, based on the theories of self
motivation and how an individual fulfills their hearts desires through self-

While “The dark tunnel” is about love, focusing on the need for one to love, to be loved and feel loved. The dark tunnel symbolizes uncertainties in life and fear of emotional pain and loss which affects people’s personal development.

The Taste Before The Bite content will be available online and through direct physical delivery while Visual artist and painter, Justice K. Grey is a collaborator on the project.

The book’s genre is African literature and spoken word.

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