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Suffix to perform live on Mibawa TV

by 265 Entertainment Magazine

Christian rap artist, Suffix is on Sunday, 30th August scheduled to perform live on Mibawa TV from 6pm. The performance comes as an alternative following the Covid 19 restrictions.

“We are no longer allowed to do concerts. It’s been close to 5 or 6 months now. But, people still need to be entertained whilst in their self quarantine zones,” Suffix said in an interview.

Lately, Suffix has been streaming events on his Facebook page where he would also interact with fans.



“Smooth Touch Promotions then approached me and my colleague KBG. They reached out to Mibawa TV and pitched the idea of having a Hip Hop artist on their platform,” he said.

Smooth Touch Promotions director Naomi Chibwe said the performance will engage the youths in their language.

“The bible says those people were all able to hear in their own language. We feel the youths also need the word in their language which is Hip Hop or R&B,” Chibwe observed.

Suffix’s performance will be supported by Vj Ice as a DJ, Farhai the drummer and Matthew on the keyboard.

This year, he has so far released “Drowning” feat GD, “Ndizichita” feat Beracah and “Yobwata” feat Faith Mussa.

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