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Tumaini festival 6th edition begins with fund raising campaign

by Harold Kapindu

The aim of the cocktail was to raise awareness and funding for this year’s festival -Menes.

The road to this year’s edition has started with the launch of fund raising and awareness campaigns. On Friday, 13th September, Tumaini festival and organization founder Menes La Plume hosted a cocktail party at Orchid, area 12 in Lilongwe.

Addressing the media, Menes said the aim of the cocktail was to raise awareness and funding for this year’s festival.

Photo credit Ras Kansengwa

Photo credit Ras Kansengwa

“We have lined up a series of events before the actual festival because things are economically tough for organizations and companies to sponsor us,” he said.

Some of the activities at the event included Poetry by Chris Msosa, Marumbo Chisinga and music by Galang’ombe Boys.

Meanwhile, Tumaini has also launched an online cloud funding campaign.

“We plan to raise 7, 000 Euros for the festival and 15, 000 Euros for Tumaini organization programs at Dzaleka. “We are sure that we are going to raise it because we have a big international support and we have been raising it every year since the beginning of Tumaini,” he said.

However, in an interesting twist, Tumaini and Sand festivals are both falling on the same dates.

Menes La Plume

Menes La Plume

Both events are slated from 1 to 2 November at Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Dowa and Kabumba Hotels, Salima.

Commenting on the issue, the Tumaini Festival founder accused Sand Festival organizers for not honoring the dates as assigned to by government in the national events calendar.

He was however confident that this year’s 6th edition of Tumaini will at least attract 50, 000 people.

“Last year we did 30,000. This year we are targeting 50,000 people,” he emphasized.

He was quick to also point out that Tumaini is a free event hence the possibility of attracting a wider audience.

“Tumaini is for free. We don’t sale tickets. Therefore those who can’t afford a Sand festival ticket, surely they will come to Tumaini. We are very safe,” said the confident Menes.

Guest at the cocktail

Photo credit Ras Kamsengwa

According to Menes, the first list of artists performing at Tumaini Festival

2019 will be released on Monday, 16 September.

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