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A MUST READ: Musician Smacks fights for mother’s justice – unfair dismissal

by Harold Kapindu

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”92″ display=”basic_slideshow”]After Smacks’ father passed in 2008, he left six children with a jobless mother.

Life was very tough and Smacks mother, Mrs Ephrinal Luhanga started searching for piece works as the family lived by all means to survive.

In the same year, 2008, she got a job at a certain estate company Called Tropher Estate Company based in Kaweche Ekwendeni.

She started working there as any other mere worker and later she was promoted to a checker (Kapitawo) and was now a stuff member.

Years gone and being the first born son, all the responsibility was in Smacks hands hence he had also to find a way of earning money to support his mother and all the siblings.

By then, Smacks was attending night school at Ekwendeni CDSS where he had to cycle a bike from Kaweche to the center where the school was, at least some kilometers away. By then, he was preparing for MSCE exams.

The results came out with a pass, but not good points. Due to lack of school fees he failed to resit for exams and he decided to be active in music.

He then joined a music band at Ekwendeni Resources Centre in 2010. This helped him to be generating some money to help his mother since we could receive K2500 allowance per function.

But, this wasn’t enough so in 2011 he had to leave his mother for Blantyre where his auntie promised to send him back to school.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work as promised so he left his aunt’s house and started living with a friend so that at least he couldnt go back to live with his struggling mother.

He stayed in Blanytre with his friend Kwachatha in glass thatched house paying K1000 per month as rent.

Life was hard but he had to eccept it. Alex Kandinda was a bulider and Smacks was a helper.

Fast forward to 2020, Smacks mother, Mrs Ephrinal Luhanga aged 58 years, has been fired.

Recently, Smacks took to social media where he reached out to different stakeholders to intervene in the quest for his mother’s justice.

According to Smacks, his mother, Mrs Ephrinal Luhanga has been ill treated and unfairly dismissed from Tropher Estate Company based in Kaweche, Ekwendeni where she was working as a checker.

“Some four years ago, my mother’s boss took her on a motocyle going to the field for monitoring. On their way, the motorcycle hit a huge bump and it affected my mother. She broke her backbone.

“Since then she has been suffering from back pains but the company never took any action to help her instead they were saying all sorts of insults, blaming her for old age.

“I had to take the responsibility of paying her medical bills until she started feeling better,” Smacks bemoaned.

On 30th September 2017, he added, as she was assigned to monitor pesticides spraying, the pesticides affected her eyes.

“She was never given any safety gear. And, that was the beginning of another problem. She tried to report to her boss who was also on duty on the same day but she was never attended to until three days passed after the problem got worse that’s when they went to the hospital.

“She was having problems with her ayes and the nerves started swelling and her voice could not even come out,” he revealed.

Apparently, Tropher Estate Company issued a K36,000 cheque as her compensation from all the sufferings.

“I instructed my mother not to receive the cheque nor to sign anywhere until we get to the bottom of it all,” Smacks challenged.

He added, “I have also been trying to seek legal advice since am the only one helping her. We reported the matter to Labor Office in Mzuzu but they are not helping us.”

He then appealed, “Family and friends, it hasn’t been an easy decision to come out in public but I have tried to email a lot of NGOs that deal with such issues but nothing is working.

“My plea is please help me help my mother to find justice. Advice me or do anything that can help. I know there are a lot of NGOs and people out there whose job is to help people in need like my mother. Please come forward and help her find justice.”

You can inbox Smacks or call +265994523983 or email at [email protected]

When contacted for a comment, Tropher Estate Company manager Duncan Mcdavid confirmed Mrs Luhanga’s dismissal but refused to disclose the details.

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