Home Showbiz Tiwa Savage finds piece in locking herself up after Heart break –  (Video)

Tiwa Savage finds piece in locking herself up after Heart break –  (Video)

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Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has shared with us what she does after a heartbreak as she opens up about her dating life sharing with us what her dream date and worse date is.

Everyone has a way on how they handle heartbreaks and Tiwa Savage finds piece in locking herself up for days or weeks or even months depending on the gravity of the heartbreak and make a doll of the guy to beat him up or do whatever she wants to do as well as drink some wine till she’s okay.

The number of days that Tiwa Savage will lock herself up depends on the seriousness of the heartbreak she went through and she appears to be part of those who drink away their sorrows whenever there’s a heartbreak without speaking to anyone or letting out their anger and frustration.

Speaking about her dating life, Tiwa Savage said her worst date was when the guy she went out with asked her to split the bill with him and whenever she realizes she isn’t clicking with the person she went out with, she will just text someone to call her as if there’s an emergency then she runs away.

With her dream date, Tiwa Savage said she wishes some will just ask her to pick her passport and come with him to places she loves to go. Most of the things Tiwa Savage said isn’t nothing new from what most ladies have been doing as it cut across everyone depending on the individual.

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