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Sonyezo behind SA’s hit single at the moment ‘Choko’

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Sonye left, Manu, Gemini Major right

The song ‘Choko‘ is a trendsetter at the moment is SA. Since the word now has made it into a slang for money. Usually it is attributed to the R20 note for it is brown in color like chocolate.

The word has risen from a song ‘Choko’ done by Manu World Star and it’s actually making considerable noise and topping charts in SA. To our amazement behind the single is a Malawian talented producer, who goes by the name Sonyezo.

The song is currently number 1 on Trace Urban, top 10 on Trace Africa and number three most played song in all Televisions stations in the rainbow nation. Actually it also achieved the top 3 most played song in all radio’s in the land.

In an interview with one notable local newspaper, Sonyezo said “it feels awesome, I love being a producer more than a musician, and seeing my production going far like this is a dream come true” he explained.

Actually the song mostly talks about cash to most fans and that get people attached, inclusively is it’s choice of words, that put together street language.

In the song Manu portrays the struggle that he goes through considering the hustle and bustle that he has to go through to survive in Johannesburg. The video also is praising the entrepreneurship spirit actually this song is for the hustlers.

According to Sonyezo he met with Manu at Gemini Major’s studio.

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