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Hazel Mak signs distribution deal with DistroPlug

by Harold Kapindu

Malawi’s Gold Hazel Mak has signed a new distribution deal with DistroPlug.

According to a statement, Hazel Mak’s deal with DistroPlug is transparent and allows her to maintain her title as an ‘Indie’ artist.

In a series of tweets, DistroPlug described Hazel Mak as a true and modern story teller.


Hazel signing contract

DistroPlug tweeted, “We’re happy to announce @hazelmakmusic she has distinguished herself as a creative force to take note of. She is a true, modern day story teller who has built a deep connection with her fanbase.

“You have to be impressed by the strong vision for who she is & the creative drive that inspires her lyrics, music & artwork. We are proud to support & work with her dedicated team on upcoming projects as she embarks on the next phase of her career.

“We look forward to helping her reach new heights.”

Reacting to the development, Hazel Mak said, “I am really excited to be signing this new distribution deal as it means my music will be able to reach a wider audience.”

DistroPlug offers an unmatched set of worldwide services which includes full-service music distribution, playlist promotions, marketing, royalty collection and more for Africa artists and labels.

DistroPlug not only plays there part as distributor but also a record label as it actively promotes the artists brands on varius platforms, with consecutive budget alligned to promoting each artist that they work with.

Watch Hazel Mak “Serenade”:

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