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Exclusive Interview with Black Isco — Talks more on “HOPE’S EMBRACE” EP

by Harold Kapindu

One of Malawi’s top lyricist, Black Isco has put out a new EP with a young Lilongwe-based producer, Tytenium. The EP is called Hope’s Embrace. According to the rapper, the EP has been designed to relax people in the midst of all the anxiety going around with the Covid 19 situation.

The EP is now available exclusively on Black Isco’s site or directly via email or WhatsAp

Check it out


265 EnT’s Harold Kapindu caught up with Black Isco.

Harold: Briefly explain the idea behind your new EP “Hope’s Embrace”?

Black Isco: The idea behind the EP was to provide a kind of relief in the midst of all the scary news about the Covid 19 situation. I was anticipating the lockdown to happen so I wrote something that would be soothing to people staying at home, and also give them hope in restarting life as normal when the pandemic is over.

Harold: How did you link up with Tytenium?

Black Isco: I was chatting with Sage Poet because we’re working on a song together for my next full length album, and he sent me a folder with Tytenium’s instrumental album – ‘Audio Graffiti’ – telling me to check him out.

So I gave it a listen and I was blown away. I wrote 5 songs over the Easter weekend and got to recording as soon as the electricity supply was stable again.

Harold: Talk us through the songs in the album. The track titles and everything about the tracks?

Black Isco: The EP is just 5 tracks long.

4. SEX

So each track title is about what I think people should do more of since they’ll be staying home. Even though most of the news right now is negative: relax, talk to my (your) people, breathe, be intimate with *your* partner (sex), and also learn to say less.

Harold: Tell us more about Black Isco? Who is he?

Black Isco: Francis Chanthunya, better known as Black Isco is a Blantyre-based rapper, record producer, entrepreneur and community advocate. Following the release of his debut album, _Lingua Franca_, he has continued to propagate lyricism and conscious material with freestyles and short projects. The latest being Hope’s Embrace EP with Lilongwe based producer Tytenium.

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