Home Showbiz Everyone waiting to see my baby, you will all wait forever! – Onesimus speak out

Everyone waiting to see my baby, you will all wait forever! – Onesimus speak out

by 265 Entertainment Magazine
Onesimus with Lisa

Gospel singer and songwriter Onesimus has come out to hint that,
all who are waiting to see his baby will wait forever, until then he
is still enjoying his wife. This has come as a compliment to some
reactions on his Facebook post.

Where he posted a picture of him and his wife hugging while
taking a selfie picture with a caption
“Every gangster has that one soul, and God made sure
at least one month in a year every dark skinned Nigga is broke”

This saw mixed reactions among his Facebook followers with
some throwing jabs, as some where keen to know why the couple
is taking time to have a kid Onesimus gave out a passionate
response in opposing the ideal saying

“Everyone waiting to see my child … all of you will wait forever… move on and find something productive to do.
Only When me and bae are ready then you will. As of now I’m enjoying my wife

The singer continued with his statements saying “The soon you learn about family planning the better, I grew in a
family where my mother struggled to find school fees for all of us.
It’s not going to happen to my children…. I REFUSE.

“One thing about me …. Don’t come throwing stones at my woman… I’ll defend her with my blood
I think I should start a gofund account for my child 🤣🤣🤣….
When the child is born should at least have 3million dollars in his name
He concluded.
Onesimus is married to South African designer Mlanduli they were married in a white wedding at The Velmore Hotel Estate.

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