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Dan Lu Promotes Game Changer Album at the gym with pants on.

by 265 Entertainment Magazine
Dan Lu, Dan Lufani

A social media fuss has broke out as singer Dan Lu, Posted a video promoting his forthcoming album the Game Changer while at Gym with only pants on. The singer was seen in a 6 seconds video working out. At his backyard putting on boxer shorts only, showing off the rest of his body.

This social media stunt has brought mixed reactions from his fans and followers, Some saying its only a social media stunt aimed at product promotion. While others thinks its a typical promotion of insolence among upcoming musicians,

We caught up with renown music analyst Maxwell Mayani to ask his view on the subject, where he said ”Dan Lu is a public figure and he is always making sure his product sells on the market, why should I condemn him for hustling?” he posed a Question to our Showbiz reporter.

Meanwhile another music mathematician Maxwell Kazombwi defines this as a bad example to upcoming musicians as well as the corporates society. Kazombwi states that Companies and Business owners will have, hard times to collaborate with the music sector if this continues. Malawi is not
America and things works a bit differently in those dimensions, here
companies respects Brand Image more than sells. The faster they grab this
the quick they develop” Kazombwi concluded.

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