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Boy Hidden switches to gospel music

by Chrispine Malingamoyo

A hip-hop artist, Boy Hidden who is featured in song titled ” corona ” done by Kell Kay, suffix, Dorothy cash Madam, Janta, and Macelba, has come out to the public to reveal that he has switched into gospel arena.

In an interview, Hidden, whose real name is Themba Nyirenda, said he want to devote his talent to spread the good news .

” I have come to make a decision to use the talent I have to spread God’s word in the best way that I can”, Nyirenda said .

Nyirenda said he audaciously came up with the decision of joining gospel two week ago after finally realizing that God has been calling him into his house.

” it’s something that has been going around in my head for a while. A number of people have been telling me to start gospel rap music, but I was not realizing that God is speaking to me . Then you pass through real life situations, look at your life and say this can only be God and realize you need to serve him. Therefore, because of what I have passed through I want to use my talent as a tool to spread his words”, he explained.

Nyirenda added that he want to replace secular lyrics with gospel ones in a song titled ” palana way “, featuring charisma, which is still at Henwood’s studio in area 49, Lilongwe.

He quickly pointed out that he will also change his stage name from Boy Hidden name to King Mazz .

” My name is Themba which means king and Mazz is short term for Mazaza a Tumbuka word which translates to authority “, he explained.

Hidden had also collaborated with Kell Kay in a track titled ” home “, produced by his cousin, Henwood.

Nyirenda asked audience that was following him in secular to move together with him as we locomote to the gospel world.

” I have good news to share with you .So let’s take this journey together. I will always deliver you good vibes ” , he said.

He said he will work with any artist, but, especially the likes of faith Musa, suffix, Lawi, just to mention a few.

He said he is also open to collaborate with secular artists on gospel tracks.

He added : ” Gospel lovers expect more fireworks from me “.

Nyirenda joined music when he was in standard 5 , after inspirations from Lil Wayne, Tupac, and notorious B I G.

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