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Black Missionaries and Lulu to grace the launch of De Brolio House

by Sellaphine Banda Selemani.
Lulu and the Mathumela Band

The manager of the De Brolio house said all is set for the launch of the new drinking   joint in Lumbadzi on Saturday 9 April, which is situated in Lumbadzi, along M1 road as   you are going to Kasungu.

Speaking in an interview with Brave Kawonga who   is the owner of the place said all is well and people should come in large numbers and witness the grand opening of this magnificent house that is situated in Lumbadzi

The place is very beautiful where people can come with their families and have assorted drinks and  food the place is very big that accommodate  a lot people and the parking space  is very big

‘’Let me assure our customers that they should expect a lot of live shows happening at this place and a lot of good things will be happening at this place and tight security will be provided said Kawonga

Another exciting thing on this day will have live performance, the peoples band from Blantyre the Black Missionaries Band and Antony Makondetsa, another heavy weight from Lilongwe Lulu, the talented guitarist, the six solid band just to mention a few

Anjiru Fumulani   all is set for the band to hold the show in Lumbadzi and the band is ready to give out the best show ever and his being the first place for us to sing it’s a great honour to us in Lilongwe

On his side Lulu said’’ people should expect fireworks from him, those who follow me knows how we do it and they will never regret for coming to this show.

The coming in of DeBroil House will help to boost   music industry in Lilongwe because musician   will be able to travel to different places   to hold   our shows said ‘Lulu.

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