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‘Akondakitale’ video shoot underway—Gwamba

by Brian Mtimaukanena

Gwamba’s second album has been one of the best! release this year.

Just a few weeks after Duncan Zyambo commonly known by his stage name ‘Gwamba’ released his album ‘Mama said God first’. And a month earlier dropped ‘Unatha’ music video which has set a record with more than 50k views in a period of two weeks. Now the rapper tipped his fans over a new music video which he is shooting in SA. Gwamba tweeted on 9th October 2019.
“Akondakitale video shoot tomorrow. Somewhere in Joburg”

A fan responding to the tweet suggested that it would have been better if the video was shot in Lilongwe, Malawi in locations as Mchesi and Kawale. But the rapper responded to the fan in a calm and fashionable manner saying “Lol perhaps yes, but let’s see how it goes”.

This comes at a time where everyone else would have expected him to be resting and enjoying fruits of his labour. Following the successful selling of his second album in just weeks.

The album which has taken Malawi by surprise as it stood out as one of the most selling locally in a short period of time. ‘Akondakitale’ is a song taken off the album ‘Mama said God first’ it features one of Malawi’s iconic voices ‘Lawi’.

Describing the song which will possibly make a hit in a moment.

‘Akondakitale’is a track that depicts current state of economy in the country. The song has used a tone and imagery that fit together to make it a masterpiece. Despite that, Gwamba and Lawi had to connect the theme with the life of a Christian. Which is too unique and creative.

In the song a bus passenger is asking for a share of his money after feeling like he has paid more than the required amount. Therefore the two artists are advising the listener to avoid extravagances taking into perspective, how hard it is to make money in Malawi.

The most interesting part is verse three where Gwamba intelligently twist the story saying.

Komanso Yesu akufuna Change mama/
Koma change akufuna sindalama/
Akufunitsitsa inuyo makamaka/

Here Gwamba is trying to tell the listener Christ is looking for them. Hence he wishes them to start following him.
The use of comic figures to preach the gospel at the same time talk of the dark situations which ordinary Malawians are going through. This is how legendary artist should  use his art.



The artist seems to be putting up more work and doing more than enough as far as his career is concerned. Gwamba’s second album has been one of the best! release this year. The rapper  has shown great maturity and understanding of the art in his second album. Which came out with unpredictable features. And when put together have created a masterpiece.


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