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SANTY ’S TAKE ON THE NATURE OF LOVE: chikondi saphunzitsana

by Ziliro Mchulu

Love is a complex topic to be discussed and time has attested the word “love” as the most overused words in all languages. It seems each and every day we are struggling to understand and picture out as to what love is and how we can love. The tussle of understanding love is what has triggered Santy to drop a tune “Chikondi saphunzitsana” . Months after the release the song has attracted attention and has stirred debate on social media on the candour of the song.

Produced by Chimzy of Fresh Sounds studios and the beat by BELFRY, the afro tune argues that love is a natural phenomenon that overflows naturally when one starts it. The song claims that when you love someone that personal will automatically love you and you do not have to labour teaching him or her to love. “Chikondi saphuzisana, Chikondi chimaenda chokha, Konda Konda naye akukondeso”.

According to Santy, real name Asante Asiatu Emment, couples need not to force matters in love relationships. “Love is natural, those who struggle to make others love them the way they want end up in tears, and you don’t teach someone how to love you”, said the ‘Tipewe’ hit maker.

However, love is both taught and at times comes natural. We are all born empty and we learn to live through socialisation hence love is included in the course of socialising. The environment which one has been raised determines how he or she will perceive love. Those that have not been shown love when young at times learn to love. However, there are some who have been raised in loving homes but cannot express love when they grow. This expresses the complexity of the topic of love as presented in the song.

on the other hand, the song is a warning to some who are fond of making statements like “ndimusintha”. Umusintha? Kuti chani iweyo? People do not change because they have found a good girl or boy. They do not change because they are married. If it was so then all married men and women could have been faithful.

People do not change because you have six-pack, hips, slim model size, kissable rips, good chest or whatever physical entity or financial. People change because they decide to. If you decide to stop cheating, your mind accepts. It’s all about training your mind to reject cheating. It’s not about praying for him to change.

It does not and am yet to hear a woman saying ‘my husband changed because I was praying for him’. Of course the traditional way of disciplining cheaters works and if your man cheats visit a witch doctor, it work. Mbotolo mujamu mulibe zibwana.

The song presents love as complex concept that many in the course of trying to make others love them have ended up in tears yet the same has worked for others.

The song echoes Suffix’s “No formulae” song which he argues that love issues have no formulae because what works for others fail to others. The song presents love as a mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.

The song has also attached the showbiz that has been associated with love nowadays. The song adds to the number of singles that Santy is releasing as she awaits her maiden album this year. Santy is a student at Mzuzu University. Minutes listening to the song will be an encounter with the dynamic and complex nature of love.

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