by Ziliro Mchulu

First  things first Download the tune — Click here [Slessor ft Gwamba] — Sindimaiwala.mp3

_When you make your antagonism known to the public you cannot settle it in private and it is necessary to inform board members when things are back to normal. This force of trying to inform people that you have settled your issues with your enemy is what has driven “Gwamba and Slessor” to compose a song in a bid to show their fans that they have buried their hate and they now brothers who can drink from the same cup. However, this attempt to use a song as a means to communicate greatly affected the composition notch of the song hence making the song dull_.

For starters, once upon a time there was hip hop in Malawi and Slessor and Gwamba were two icons that were visible in the hip hop thesaurus. ‘During this time Slessor was a blossoming artist carrying the northern region flag and his compositions were superb. He was creative and hip hop was in his veins’. If you listen to songs like “Hip Hop”, “Phwando la Lero” ‘Better than you” “Swag ya Kabanza”you will appreciate that once upon a time there was an artist in Mzuzu who could compose hip hop in hip hop.

Listening to this song which he has deliberately featured Gwamba, leaves a lot to be desired in terms of both message and composition. The song is an obvious narration of stories of the majority who move or have moved from rags to riches, from the storm to calmness. Both Slessor and Gwamba narrated the same stories. They thanked God for being with them through their wearisome times.

The song gives a picture of how God works in our lives. God has power and he manifests his power through us. In our everyday life we live by God’s grace and it takes a wise man to appreciate God’s love and mercy. The two artists have narrated how God helped them in their lives since childhood. Like all of us, we have different stories of how God has been great to our lives and given a platform we can testify like “Ada.”

However, showing appreciation to God or thanking him for what he has done is not a problem and the two have not committed any delinquency by doing so, but a felony has been committed in terms of quality and creativity. The song is too dumb and piteous if you think about it.

Produced by “Don Amour”, the verses by the two artist are not appealing if you take your time to listen with curiosity. The verses sound like the two artists just woke up from a deep slumber and found themselves in the studio and Don Amour was like Slessor and Gwamba here is a beat make sure you punch in the lines.

The two just vomited their lines. They failed to bring life to the song. The verses are just flat, they are not giving appetite at all. In terms of creativity of composition, I would give the song 2/10. The 2 is not a small pass but just a mark because they composed. The lines fail to show creativity. They are just plain narrations. It’s like someone has just been given a beat to give us a testimony and that someone has no creativity in giving his message. From the two verses I find no line that is impressive.

Gwamba is known for being creative, his lines are always unpredictable but in this song he failed to bring the Gwamba that people know. Just to validate the argument, Gwamba did a song like this years ago and he did it a good way. The song ‘Mama’ which he featured Blaze is similar to this one and some issues are the same. But this song was creatively composed and it has attractive lines. Listen to it and compare. Gwamba could have done better. He could have taken his time and do what he knows best.

_From the look of things, it seems these two giants were forced by another force that formatted their creativity memory and this force was the excitement that came with their reunion. If you remember Gwamba and Slessor used to ‘diss’ one another in the past and their war was blatant. However, with time they have decided to have peace and for them to communicate this move they decided to compose this song. This force psychologically affected these two hence they haven’t been to their best in this song. They could have just posted on their social lines that they are now at peace than giving us a half-baked song. On serious note is good that the two are now at peace_.

Society has changed Gwamba. He has been made to behave “Gospel like” and in the process, he has lost his art, of course not entirely but enough to be noticeable. This song has no life and no creativity in terms of lines. It’s just a communion of two enemies who are now in good times. The reunion is what made the artwork attractive but the outcome is dumb. Both Slessor and Gwamba had nothing to say but had a beat to ride on. The message they communicated is obvious and creativity could have made the song good. Listen to the song and let’s talk.

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