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Sawelengera keeps poetry alive in Salima

by Harold Kapindu

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”106″ display=”basic_slideshow”]South Africa based poet Samuel Sawelengera is supporting budding poets in his home district, Salima through Mvangi Art organization in partnership with Patwel Phiri.

Mwangi Art Organization is grooming young poets in Salima into becoming national icons.

Sawelengera is known for his previous poems namely “Gule wa chimalawi”, “Moyo wa ku Joni”, “Mukafike ku Senga Bay”, “Kalata kwa ababa,” and “Dziko lanji ili” which enjoyed airplay on local radio stations.

“I used to be active before I relocated to South Africa. It is hard to promote Chichewa poems therefore it just put me off,” Sawelengera said in an interview.


“I used to be active before relocating to SA” Sawelengera

In 2005, Sawelengera recorded his first poem with late Gift Sichinga, the first presenter of “Amalawi aluso” poetry program on Radio Alinafe.

He has also rubbed shoulders with Malawi’s poetry greats such as Hudson Chamasowa, Abraham Abisay, Joseph Madzedze and Devline Nazombe.

Sawelengera has since announced a comeback with the release of a poetry package ahead of his official album.

His latest poems are titled “Kuwala” and “Mzinda wa Tsoka”.

“My comeback album is titled “Nchiyani Chachilendo”. Its quite a deep album because am exploring how we can live without technology in these modern times,” Sawelengera disclosed.

“I want to thank Mvangi Art for what they are doing by at least giving the youths something to do,” Sawelengera said.

“Our plan is to build more centers and introduce more competitions for these young poets. We believe this will help develop the nation as a whole.

“In addition, we have also noted with great concern that these youngsters are just saying idle after schools have been closed due to Covid 19,” Phiri highlighted.

He further called upon those interested to join the organization to keep poetry alive.

“We always encourage those upcoming poets who want to join us to learn from the best such as legends late O’Brien Nazombe, Nyamaliki Thitiwatiwa, Felix Njonjonjo Katsoka and Sir Michael Benjala and others.

Born in 1990, Sawelengera hails from Senga Bay, Salima.

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