Home Opinion Kal-El benefits from Gwamba’s “Malawi’s next superstar” initiative — bravo Gwamba

Kal-El benefits from Gwamba’s “Malawi’s next superstar” initiative — bravo Gwamba

by Brian Mtimaukanena

On Kal-El and Gwamba’s next superstar being a great initiative, as it paves way to the most underprivileged music artists. Malawi is a country rich in talent but insufficient exposure. Or lack of platforms that can expose talent is one big disease severe than Covid-19. Back in the days when urban music was picking up, we had high hopes that Malawian music would have been a level ahead 10 years from then.

Now 2 decades down the line, not much of the achievements on the international scene. I know many qualters in the industry are doing enough to elevate the industry. But no one man can achieve such a big task, hence they are all failing.

The most important part in art is exposure, it doesn’t matter how talented you might be but if you’re are not exposed, the talent will die in its mature stage, this is why investing in facilities, infrustructure as well as initiatives that can help in exposing the art/talent our country poses is a pivotal role for each and every role model, public figures as well as the very biggest responsibility that the corporate world must fulfill.

We have seen it in developed countries like USA, SA, Nigeria etc that they invest much in shows or media platforms that are aimed at exposing the talent. A good example would be America got talent, Idols, African Magic, MTV Africa, Channel O. These platforms have played a very great role in exposing talent in their respective countries to the world.

Back to Malawi, do we have TVs, TV Shows or talent shows aimed at exposing talent to the world? . As far as I am concerned I have no idea, but here is where we are missing it. We are killing dreams and nobody else will go far from such an environment unless God’s interventions.

That is exactly why the young and most talented youth are vacating this country looking for greener pastures elsewhere. Maybe there, it’s where they would meet there desires. and the Kal-El, Gwamba story can justify.

Going this far, I would like to thank the award winning rapper “Gwamba” for seeing the need and drawing solutions,. For the past 6 months or so, we have seen him making strides in helping out upcoming artists to do better. With his “Malawi’s next superstar” initiative inplace. This is a very good starting point and it points to the right direction, which the Industry must take.

This initiative promises to sponsor one upcoming musician with a music video shot and directed by Ubwino. Who happens to be one of the best video producers in the country. As announced a few weeks a go, we saw the first video out June last month. And Kal-El a 20 year old talented artist from Lilongwe who is so promising.l is the very first beneficially. The video below is an example of great talent that would put Malawi on the map.

Check out run away music video below we would like to congratulate Gwamba for such an initiative and we hope more is yet to come, Kudos “Gwamba”

Kal-El Run Away music video stream

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