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Independence – now its 56 years of independence

by Harold Kapindu

This article was first published in The Nation newspaper “Urban Trends” column, we published it here to those who missed it on Friday.

On 23rd June 2020, Malawi went to the fresh presidential polls in which Dr Lazarus Chakwera who represented Tonse Alliance emerged victorious becoming the 6th President of this nation.

President Chakwera’s swearing in ceremony, which was presided over by the judiciary, took place at Bingu International Convention Center’s Malawi square on 28th, June 2020.

As per constitution, the President was to receive a sword of command from the Malawi Defence Force at the inauguration ceremony which was initially scheduled to take place at Bingu Stadium in the capital, Lilongwe.



Dr Chakwera’s inauguration had also been slated together with Malawi’s 56th independence day celebrations on 6th July. Malawi attained independence from colonial rule in 1964.

With the surge in Covid 19 domestic transmission, the independence day celebrations usually marked with an international friendly football match, were cancelled.

However, the inauguration ceremony went ahead at Kamuzu Barracks with a minimum of 100 people in attendance.

As we celebrate our independence and embark on a quest for greatness, perhaps its time to reflect on the state of urban culture and lifestyle ranging from music, poetry, cinema and fashion.

Depending on each person’s point of view, we can agree to disagree that, politically, we have done better and we have also performed badly in some areas.

Most importantly, Malawi has seen artists turning their respective talents into businesses. Local artists can now earn a living to nurture talents, invest in themselves as well as supporting their families.

On the other hand, both the corporate world, non governmental organizations and government institutions and agencies are now investing in artists as brand and goodwill ambassadors for different campaigns.

It is therefore against this background that Malawi, government in particular should value artists such as the veteran musician Michael Sauka who composed the Malawi national anthem, arguably one of the best in the world.

After 56 years of independence and 56 years of singing the national anthem, Malawi has failed to honour Michael Sauka, Du Chisiza, Paul Banda and many other greats who have contributed to the growth of arts and craft industry.

We hope the new administration will think and act differently.

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