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“Was on the Phone with Mafo, we will be in studio tomorrow”— Gwamba

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Mafo Ft Gwamba.jpg
Mafo Ft Gwamba.jpg

Mafo & Gwamba

Malawi’s award winning gospel rapper Gwamba has announced that he will be getting back into the studio tomorrow with Mafo. The rapper has made this announcement through his Facebook page.

Gwamba revealed that he was in a long phone call with Mafo that materialised into a studio session. His statement leads “was on the phone with Mafo, I refuse to see such talent just vanish like that. That guy is one of the best Urban artist in the country. He is coming to Lilongwe tomorrow. We will be in the studio tomorrow night”.

This has kept fans talking with some recommending the move while others criticizing. Mafo will be coming back into the music circles with a Gwamba collaboration.

Mafo has been silent in the music scene for close to two years now. His career just faded away without a trace of where he went or what he has been doing. With rumours saying he left the country for work in South Africa.

Phyzix wraps up 2020 with five award trophies to his name.

Gwamba is now 30, celebrates birthday with a new single “Kasambara” .

Madala Mafo has managed to take over the streets. From pubs like Sterio to clubs like Chez Mtemba, You were likely to hear Mafo’s music. Mafo specialised is dance “hall” music, with fun and simple lyrics and head-on delivery. There was definitely a bright future for this guy in the music business, until he just left without a sign, living his fans hanging and yawning for more.

He (Mafo) has done hit songs like Akazi ndi Mowa, Akazi amapha, Tetelitete and many others.

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