by Brian Mtimaukanena

Its been a tough ride for Manchester United to strike an agreement with Juventus’s center forward Paulo Dybala and his representatives, putting the deal with Juventus for Romelu Lukaku nearly impossible.
According to the independence they is a significant misunderstandings between the positions of the two parties, and the Argentine still uncertain as if his step to joining Manchester United would be a good step in his career. Taking into perspective the fact that the Red Devils aren’t participating in the European Champions League this season.
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It is romoured that the Dybala representatives have been asking the Old Trafford executive an amount of about £350,000 in wages, yet they are no any tangible agreements made in response to the move. Those close to the player are quoted saying he isn’t motivated by the money but doing whats good to his development is the main goal as well as his ability to win major trophies.
According to the guardian Some sources have suggested, for United’s part, that they have been unwilling to go all out in wages in the manner they have on previous big targets because of lessons learnt there.
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The Alexis Sanchez contract remains a major stumbling block and the United’s staff are trying to figure out where Dybala would fit in. The 25-year-old is back in Turin with the Old Lady while his representatives are in negotiations at the Reds camp in Manchester. According to SKY SPORTS the Dybala representation was due to meet manager Maurizio Sarri and sporting director Fabio Paratici on Thursday afternoon to discuss his future. “Although it has been made clear to Dybala that the club need to sell players and he is seen as the biggest potential windfall, with that initially putting him off, he would still rather stay.” The Independence.
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He also been encouraged that Sarri himself would have a more open approach if any player is willing to dig in and play for him. Dybala’s ultimate goal would be to leave for one of the big Spanish two in Barcelona and Real Madrid, but Tottenham Hotspur do hold some appeal due to their recent Champions League progress under fellow Argentine Mauricio Pochettino.
United currently do not have that selling point, but negotiations are ongoing.
Some on Dybala’s side also feel that the idea of a swap with United for Lukaku was broached to put pressure on Inter, who are interested in the Belgian but currently well short of the asking price.

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