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Prince Martin Valamanja shines at Members pub in Lumbadzi

by Sellaphine Banda Selemani

When Blantyre based artist Prince Martin Valamanja went on stage at Members Pub in Lumbadzi on Saturday night he gave people   attention   because of the way he sang his music, the moment he start singing almost every one cheer him up because of his magic voice.

Dressed in a black jeans and a white golf  shirt with  a brown  shoe ,Prince  Martin  Valamaja  and his diminishing Band start sing around 6 pm ,he sing different songs both local  international songs  . People where much interested with the way valamanja dish out songs and not forgetting the magic hands of a young talented boy who was playing a based guitar in the band.

Another artist who set fire during the show was the former Mibawa band leader JJ who dish out   different songs including songs of legend Gidesi  Chalamanda

Speaking after the show   valamanja said he was very happy to come and performed at Members Pub  in  Lumbadzi   for the first time, I usually perform  at four season  in Lilongwe,

‘’It was an amazing show that I have ever hard, being the first time  I have already said; for others it was also their  first time  to see me performing and I feel good to hear that I will return to this place for the second time any time soon  he said,

Patricia Sokho was quick to say am very impressed with Prince and his band, the sound was very clear and   and there is  good  combination of  people  who were playing different instrument. I really enjoyed   this band and am looking forward   for Diminishing band to come again she said.

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