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[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”85″ display=”basic_slideshow”]Personal experiences have proved to be the best grounds for many artistic works including writing. Adele’s song “Hello” which was made based on personal experience became the first song to sell over a million digital copies in a week because the production was based on her experience. Adele’s heartbreak made her produce the bestselling single of all time. People who have written books based on their personal experiences too have proven to be best writers of their story and this is what Joseph Daniel Sukali has done by writing a psychology book based on his personal experience. 

The book titled ‘Dealing with a heartbreak’ is a therapy for the heartbroken and a health relation guide that offer ways and experiences of dealing with relationship problems especially when one has been faced with heartbreak. The book gives an account of the greatest problem with many youths who are failing to manage relationship and breakups. “I wrote this books based on personal experiences of my heartbreaks and how I moved on, these experiences shaped my thoughts on relationships’, he said.  



Sukali: Experience is the best teacher

Sukali known in music circles as Mwenemugamba claims he has not stopped singing but has just diversified the talent. Sukali who started as a hip hop artist during his school days has ended up into a writer and spoken word artist. He is set to drop his first spoken word album in September this year and currently both audio and video productions are enjoying airplay in the country. 
“ I have switched to spoken word because I feel like my songs were too poetic and the audience never fully appreciated the craft. Further, hip hop gave me a limited audience yet spoken word is open to all ages and all groups of people. I no longer make hip hop songs now”, Said the Bulletproof hitmaker.


 Asked on what motivated him to write the book, Sukali who is a theology graduate from Mzuzu University, cited experience as a greater motivator of his maiden book. “The main motivation has been people around me. I have seen how brothers and sisters had been suffering from relationship issues. I figured I had a professional opinion which would be used to assist those and many. From the few articles I have put out on relationships and the feedback I got, many found what I wrote useful and lifesaving, I figured a book would be more than ideal,” he claimed. 

“ I have had heartbreaks before and I know what this means, I saw the need to help in guiding my fellow youths on how to build and sustain health love relationships. Most importantly I saw an opportunity to help the broken ones who would suffer from depression. The book has a step to step healing process that will surely save souls and help in rebuilding those that were broken and lost amidst a break up”, he narrated. 

Sukali, 25 started writing at 15 but could not take his writings to the public until last year when he produced a poem and article on his Facebook page. Inspired by Ken Lipenga and Tiyambe Zereza locally, Sukali subscribes to Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx ideas both in writing and practice. Due to COVID 19 Sukali and his book production team have decided to go smart by selling the book online. The hard copies will be made available next year when physical business normalizes.

Chancellor College lecturer Gift Mbewe has described the book as a masterpiece and encourages others to read the book. “Besides explaining how to deal with heartbreak, he paints a very vivid picture of his personal experiences. Heartbreak is one of those subjects that is rarely talked about. This book gives hope to the countless number of people who have gone through heartbreak. It does not only offer help to those who are hurting but those who are seeking long-lasting relationships. The style of writing that the author uses is intriguing as he uses conversation style, this makes it easier to read. I implore you to read this book”, said, Mbewe. 

The 80 paged book is going at k2500 and can be accessed through the writer himself using his social media platforms. The book is also available on mcdonaldnyoni.com. Sukali is based in Zomba and has a degree in Theology and religious studies from Mzuzu University.

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