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Lilongwe Timbrel Brigade upbeat of restoring women confidence

by Harold Kapindu

One of the most unique musical groups in the Salvation Army Church, Lilongwe Timbrel Brigade has challenged women to support each other in spiritual and psychological battles.

The remarks come at a time when the group has released “Munkhondo ya Yesu” single.

Lilongwe Timbrel Brigade leader Dorcas Silomo Mwale said the group is excited to bring a new taste of music in the country.

“We are bringing music that speaks to the soul and restores women confidence to know that they too, can fight the same way a man can. As you may be aware, in the Salvation Army a woman can hold the pulpit, can hold any position, just the same way a man can,” Mwale explained.

According to Mwale, a woman forms part of the body of Christ, saying the group’s music is emphasizing the importance of a women to the ministry of preaching and winning souls for Christ.

“Our music will speak to the destitute, those who are suffering family abuse, those struggling to meet todays’ needs and those in deep psychological battles. We would like to address it all though music.

“We would like women to see the happy side of life than worries and cries. It’s time for women to stand up and be counted. We are still being challenged by the high levels of poverty and suffering among women and children. And if we can make a difference through music, why not,” Mwale quizzed.

She then revealed that “Munkhondo ya Yesu” single has been released together with a video for families to enjoy.

“Other songs are still in the studio. We expect to have the full album by end of August. We are not in a rush, as Salvation Army believes in good music, so good music is what we will give you,” she explained.

Based in Area 25, Lilongwe Timbrel Brigade presents their music with voice and Timbrels (Timbourines).

The group’s mission is to bring women into a knowledge of Christ, encourage their full potential in influencing families, friends and communities, and equip them for growth in personal understanding and skills apart from addressing issues which affect women and their families.

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