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Hayze to rap in Chichewa at Mikozi studio live

by 265 Entertainment Magazine

Mikozi Network Challenged “Hayze Engola” to drop Chichewa bars,


Hayze takes on the challenge


Mikozi has gone public, challenging Hayze Engolah to drop  Chichewa Bars at the Mikozi studio live tonight. Hayze is one of the most outstanding rappers in Malawi.

Very good in wordplay, metaphor he rose to fame with his classy use of punchlines and energetic delivery connected to artistic story telling. Despite all these, the only Chichewa line we ever heard from his mouth is “Matafale”. The single Matafale was released in 2018 and the only Chichewa word that we can talk of was the title itself.

This comes as Gwamba kept his promise of dropping English lines in his latest release “Kasambara“. Gwamba who has been highly Criticized so much for rapping in Chichewa took a huge turn as he has shown us that he is good either way.

For that makes it quite tricky, in spite of the challenged proposition Engola has responded that he needs 100 retweets and 200 likes to put out Chichewa lines this night. A proposition which he has achieved in less than an hour and we are yet to see Hayze rapping in Chichewa tonight. He also asked for a thousand likes on Facebook and IG in exchange with his Chichewa lines.

He as has admitted that in his entire rap life he has never used Chichewa as a rapper. 

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