Home News Gwamba is now 30, celebrates birthday with a new single “Kasambara” .

Gwamba is now 30, celebrates birthday with a new single “Kasambara” .

by 265 Entertainment Magazine

Celebrates 30th birthday

4Th November is probably a blessing to Malawi, since one of the biggest rappers in History Gwamba was born today,
That being the fact, social media was awash today with birthday wishes from various individuals wishing “Gwamba” The very best on his birthday.

He was quick to point out that he turned 30 today on his official twitter handle, he twitted. Surprisingly as many of us were waiting for a party the rapper in his post assured us all that his birthday would be celebrated at home with Family.


Him also mentioned a word of thanks to everyone who has been behind his music saying “Victory belongs to Jesus” Duncan Zgambo (born November 4, 1990), professionally known as Gwamba, is a Malawi-born Rapper and Philanthropist. He is happily married to his long time lover Kondi.

Despite the absence of the party the rapper couldn’t leave us hanging, he had to put out something for his fans. Hence his latest release, “Kasambara” a song produced by the most talented of all time DJ Sley.

You can download the single by following below.

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