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Martse says Classick ” is on his own with his 90 days challenge”

by Brian Mtimaukanena

Martse makes a joke out of Classick’s 90 day Challenge

Martse took to twitter in an apologetic yet sarcastic tweet saying “Nigga am sorry… You are on your own now”

Responding to the rapper Classick’s tweet which leads ” join Classick on his 90 days challenge. Saving towards a goal”.

Martse’s retweet has made rounds on social media as a joking matter. At the same time he has evoked feelings from different parties some applauding him for being truthful.

Saying better he pointed it out that he can’t manage such a challenge. Some criticising him that he would have checked out #For_kings_only. Saying it is self explanatory.

This comes after a series of campaigns from Classick which aims at building a moral responsible society among the youth.

Speaking after the 30 day challenge on Facebook Classick said, he noticed a lot of people joining the challenge for more personalised intentions rather than the initial concept which was to develop new habits and saying no to drugs and substances abuse. Others joined in order to develop new spending as well as saving habits.



Exactly then he opened a whatsapp group where he personally talked with everyone who took part on the challenge.

This was to share experiences challenges, aspirations and ultimately encourage each other positively.

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