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Martse Disses Fredokiss in Adidas

by Brian Mtimaukanena

We aren’t so sure of what’s cooking in the background. But for certain the Martse, Fredo Diss, I saw it coming as the rapper has made claims that the Ghetto King kong (Freddokiss) Is trying to assassinate him.

He recently took to twitter claiming that Freddokiss hired thugs to shut him off. Following this event is a diss song ‘Adidas‘ which has just been released a day a go.

Martse puts it straight in the song that he is targeting Freddokiss. I quoted this line “Ati umaendela Jeep or hammer/koma ghetto yakana/Anthu sanakuvotere mphwanga/phwanga mesa umazitcha kuti mchana/”

This is clearly talking about Mchana Freddokiss who is one of the celebrities who owns a Hammer. And also he claims to be the ghetto king Kong. The single ‘Adidas’ has been produced by D.R.U.

In this song mostly he stresses on his daily life style. As Martse brags that beside being a drunkard he gets better grades at school.

He as well continues saying that he used to be sober but did it benefit him anything? As people continues to put words in his mouth.

This incident follows another verbal war. Where Phyzo attacked Freddokiss at the great hall, Chancellor collage in Zomba. No matter how trendy this stunts have gone. We haven’t heard or seen Fredo retaliating. In the meantime we are yet to see how far this misunderstanding goes.

The country has seen a couple of incidents where rappers diss each other.

The past few weeks it was Born Cris dissing Avokado. The very same week it was Patience Namadingo Scandal.


Saying according to him Lulu isn’t a legend. This made rounds on social media. And still it’s making noise.

For the moment we are here watching as to what happens next. Check out Adidas which has been described as poor production from some quarters of the industry.

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