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Martse allegedly lying over a house project,

by Brian Mtimaukanena

Twitter is on fire at the moment as Martse went on pointing out his house project under construction as an achievement.

He claims despite being broke (referred to as) he built a house while other fellow rappers are sleeping in pastors Benz. Which others describes as a direct diss to Gwamba.


Off course yes, at the moment we are not yet sure if the house really belongs to Martin or maybe it’s just another of his social media noise as some gossipers are putting it.

The debate is going on and different sides are picked on the matter. Some saying he is lying as others are saying its a very good development from his side.



A few minutes a go he responded on his twitter page saying
“I paid my school fees I was lying….. I went to America to sing I lied. Graduate…. I lied….. I am a biggest artist in the country I lied….. Y’all I bought a plot I lied…. Jesus …. I have to prove anything wrong while am 26 years old.”

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