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Chakwera likes ‘tulani pansi udindo’ song; describes Dan Lu, “a good artist.”

by Wasema Jr
Dan Lu. Chakwera

Malawi’s embattled president Lazarus Chakwera has described the ‘Tulani pansi undindo’ song by Dan Lufani as a masterpiece, citing that the versatile singer lives to be one of his favourites in the country.

Chakwera who is being accused of cluelessness, and leading Malawi to more doom, hailed Dan Lu, Wachiyawo Wangalusa bulasa, for exposing some of the flops in his administration.

According to the head of state cum chair of SADC, he welcomes such exposures not as criticisms but the ultimate will to building Malawi together.

The retired preacher and president of Assemblies of God further hinted, he would invite Dan Lu to his palace for a dinner as one way of appreciating his maverick style of singing.

In the controversial song, Lu points out how the prevailing economic climate in the country is subjecting the poor to a worst miserable life.

The ascribed DPP diehard singer paints a gloomy picture of how the cost of living is manifesting gross negligence and failure on the part of leadership in the county.

“Tulani pansi udindo…mwatilephera…’ goes the song in part.

Meanwhile, most government critics have hailed Dan Lu for reminding Chakwera of his promise that should he fail to transform the affairs of the country in two years, he would resign.

On the other hand, however, Chakwera disciples are describing Dan Lu as a disgruntled DPP cadet whose mental faculties are clouded with rage, bitterness and jealousy.

When I woke up, unfortunately, i learnt that all this was just a dream, except for the song that is trending.

Disclaimer; the article is a piece of fiction. Any inconvenience it may cause is highly regretted.

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