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Event organizers should normalize going into contractual agreement with artists – CheKalonda

by 265 Entertainment Magazine

Social media is still washed with the Onesimus – 6th scandal where many are putting their minds on the matter with some saying this is the way for established musicians, in trying so hard to kill talents for upcoming artist before it materializes.

Others saying upcoming musicians should also stop playing hide and seek when they have been given a chance to perform at big events. Word has it, that many of musicians who are fighting there way up. Tend to play hide and seek when given a chance to perform at big stage. Only for them to show up as the show is at its climax so that they perform to multitudes. Which in return compromises the whole setup for most events in the country.

Meanwhile Radio/TV host as well as Dancehall Icon Blackjack also Known as Chekalonda
who has proved to be a subject of interest in the matter has shared his views. “And Also,
Show Organizers should Normalize Making Artists Sign Contracts that Clearly Stipulates
Conditions of Their Engagement and Penalties! It’s always Easy to go back to the agreement and See who has broken the rule of agreement and professionally deal with Such!”

Earlier on twitter was offended with Chekalonda’s response which said that ”who is 6th, amatani” as most people come in to rebuke Blackjack saying he is supposed to help in building the industry and not destroy it.

The award winning Afro-Dancehall artist listened and took a different path assuring
fans that he will meet both the concerned parties, in relation to Onesimus, 6th and Super DT.

‘I will Try to Meet @OnesimusMuzik and @6th_mw And See if I Can Help Clearing The Bad Air For The Love Of the Industry. This May Not Be Easy Due to Egos and Pride but I Will Still Try. I will Talk to #SuperDT too. Once Again, Sorry for Yesterday!’ He twitted

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