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Environmentalists in World Rain Day commemorations awareness campaign in Malawi

by Harold Kapindu

Movement for Environmental Action in partnership with Creative Solutions for the Environment have announced a series of activities in a bid to create awareness for World Rain Day commemorations which falls on 29th July, 2020.

The two partners have organized the following events to highlight the importance of this day and re-focus on green spaces and urban forests.

1. Awareness through art;

Conservation Arts, a member of the Movement for Environmental Action will utilize online platforms to bring awareness through songs and poems.

‘Mvula Kolore’ a song originally sang by our ancestors when praying for rains during droughts performed here by Clifford and Collins.



‘Nzothekera’ a song done by Tigris talks about prevention of floods and response preparedness.


‘Madzi ndi Moyo’ a poem written and performed by Zinja.

  1. Highlight and share digital research work that has been done in Malawi related to rainfall variability and crop production. This will be done via blogging and on social media forums including WhatsApp.

  2. Media engagement through interviews and interactive radio programs on Timveni and PL radio stations as well as on social media platforms

Commenting on the importance of World Rain Day, Conservation Arts official, carbon management specialist, poet and ethnomusicologist Clifford Mkanthama says, “Commemorating ‘Rain Day’ in Malawi provides us an opportunity to reflect on the floods and droughts that we have had in the recent past.

“Being an agro-based economy it is important that Malawians take part in this commemoration and continue the discussions on rainwater harvesting, climate smart agriculture and reforestation among other practices in older to build resilience of smallholder farmers that feed the country.


Creative Solutions for the Environment Volunteer Project Officer Melvin Kamisa says, “Since our organization works on reforestation and conserving the environment among other things, we believe that rains play a vital part to keep our plants and trees alive. We partnered with MEA to share awareness to the masses on the relevance of the rain day and to do an activity that would show to people what they can do to ensure that rains are always available in time and sufficiently.”

The global theme for the year 2020 is ‘Restore Our Earth.’

This year’s commemoration intends to draw attention to the importance of rain and altered rainfall patterns leading to droughts in some areas and the opposite –inundations- in others.

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