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URBAN TRENDS: Parable Of The Chariot

by Harold Kapindu

Sage poet Performing

Sage Poet is a socially conscious rapper, lyricist and producer who kick started his professional music career in 2004.

With a couple of singles and EPs under his belt, he officially released a debut full body of work as a duet in 2008.

Sage Poet teamed up with Dominant 1 on Dominant Poetics in 2008 and he later partnered with RebelMusiQ on Unsung Heroes in 2012 and UnCool in 2013.

In 2015, he dropped Mastering The Pain Magnum Opus followed by a collaboration with his long time friend, Justus Divine on Alchemy in 2018.

In 2019, Sage Poet and Justus Divine dropped Secrets Of The Secret.

As a producer, Sage Poet produced two solo beat tapes titled Cosmosapien and Moksha in 2021.

His 5th studio full body of work is the newly released Parable Of The Chariot centering on oneness theme.

As conceptual as the album theme may sound, the album artwork cover is equally creative.

The artwork is from the Vedas. The chariot standing for the human body while the five horses which draw the chariot are the five sense organs. The reins stand for the mind and the charioteer stands for the intellect.

According to the Lilongwe based poet, the rider is the individual jiva. If the charioteer falls asleep or is not alert, then the reins which are to be controlled by the charioteer will become loose and then  the horses will go out of control. This then ends up in the destruction  of  the chariot and the rider.

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The rest of the themes in the project are however left for the audience to interpret as they feel with the art.

This 10 track album features a range of rhyme slayers including Tadala, Black Isco, Kananji, Phi Ella, Sagonjah, Q Aura, Prime, Tru Fix, Spokesman and musician Hopeson as well as poet Chris Msosa.

The album contains songs such as Darkness of the night, Christopher Columbus, Aryan Invasion, Avengers, Compassion, Journey from here to here, Disharmony, Insperience, Wisdom and Rishi.

If you love good melodic sound, most importantly Hip Hop music, I urge you to grab yourself a copy of this album. You will not be disappointed.

Parable of the Chariot album is available for sale on MO 626 – 1001904635, Airtel money – 0991410972 and Mpamba – 0880 70 36 48.

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