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Azibambo rap group

“AziBambo” Rap/Hip Hop group comprises Blaq Gestapol, L Dor the General, Rappa Young O and Nematrix.

Commenting on the group name, Nematrix says, “AziBambo in English its fathers. We are fathers in Hip Hop and even on personal individual level. Our role is to provide parenting to Hip Hop artists in Malawi as custodians of the genre.”

AziBambo wants to reach out and touch young talented Hip Hop artists who fail to be recognised by giving them the chance to shine and mentor them.

Hip Hop is a culture and the group expects to preserve it.

The group started in 2012 when Rappa Young O featured the three members in his 2012 album “Street Poet” in a song called “Hip Hop Renovation”.

After this collabo, the members thought of working on an album but the project did not see the light of the day until 2022 when the members have decided to come.together to work on the album.

The group so far has two songs, one which was released in 2012 and the new single “Don’t You Wanna Stay” from the album “The Archive”.


“Don’t You Wanna Stay” was released on 15th July 2022.

“The song flashes back to how Hip Hop used to be real before being diluted. It takes the listeners to a memory lane on how loyal artists used to be to the game before they started chasing money and fame. It then asks if the artist really wanna go, however AziBambo will be here as an archive of Malawian Hip Hop and maintain the meaning of Hip Hop as opposed to Trap music,” Nematrix explains.

He adds, “People should be on the lookout because we are here to stay. If you love Hip Hop especially Malawian Hip Hop then be assured you will be entertained and educated at the same time.”



Rappa Young O real name Ivor Otomani is a producer, emcee ,song writer and Co founder of Otoboiz Inc with his late brother.

He started his career in 2007 under their record label Otoboiz Inc in Blantyre.

He has produced 4 albums namely “Music men mixtape” in 2008 featuring 21 chilomoni emcees, two solo albums “The journey continues“ in 2009 and “Street Poet” in 2012.

Rapper Young O also produced Blaq Gestapol’s album “Read Between The Lines” in 2012.


Nematrix real name Nike Msamba is a Lilongwe based Hip Hop artist who began his musical journey in 2005.

He joined Kawale-based Ghetto Prisoners Crew and rapped alongside Crazy-X real name Neville Makalani on his first track which was recorded in 2007 at Eclipse Studios and produced by Bleek.

He began performing music with Young B, AK 47, and Jay Banks in 2008 after joining The Movement, a music group at Chancellor College.

Prior to going solo, he released singles with Nakso Ghetto and Bvuwo. Later, at Recall Records in Kawale, he recorded “Kawawa”, a song that won the 2010 prize for best circular hip hop song at Chancellor College. In 2011, he began recording with Autoboiz Inc. Records where he produced songs such as “Chifanifani”, “Hip Hop Renovation”, and “Battlefield,” among others a alongside Rapper Young O, L dol, and Black Gestapol.

The artist has now bounced back in 2022 with a hit single titled “Don’t You Wanna Stay” where he has jointly done with Rapper Young O and Black Gestapol.


Born and raised in the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe, Blaq Gestapol real name Hastings Gwedeza came into the music scene in the year 2004.

In the year 2009, the rapper released his first mix tape titled “THE VERBAL APOCALYPSE which had bangers like “KATUNDU” which enjoyed airplay.

Blaq Gestapol went on to produce another mixtape in the year 2011 titled “READ BETWEEN THE LINEZ” which had big tracks like “OLO MUNDINYOZE”,LET “THE GAME CHANGE” under the OTO BOIZ INC. executively produced by Rappa Young O.

Coming from the golden generation Blaq Gestapol has brushed shoulders with Malawi heavyweights in Hip Hop.

He is a one of the few dying breed that formed the group “AziBamBo”.


Ldor real Harris Jumah started music in 2005 at Chipasula Secondary School in 2008. He joined the X-Movement (Czar, Spy-x & Criminal Case) and recorded his first song with the movement. While still with the X-Movement, he met Rappa Young O, and took him ike a brother and he recorded songs under Oto-boiz Inc.

He has recorded solo tracks representing his city.

Here he is from a boy to a father of two “Ndine mZiBambo” and he is with the AziBambo team.

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