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Kalawe Crowns himself King of Hip Hop

by 265 Entertainment Magazine

Kalawe on his throne

Kalawe Crowns himself King of Hip HopThe so called social media attention seeker Kalawe, rocked social media with his claims that he is the King of Hip Hop in the country. The rapper who recently involved himself in a verbal wrangle with Hyphen posted a picture of himself lifted on a throne by heavy built guys wearing black T shirts with the words “iyi ndi Mfumu Ya Hip Hop”.

Meanwhile Kalawe captioned his post with the words ‘In the picture is myself arriving at Mikozi studio live, to drop a hottest live freestyle that the industry has ever heard.

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Dzina la Mwambo wa lero, omwe ndikoyamba kuchitika, Ndi ‘Kulonga Ufumu'”.

In his post Kalawe has made a statement with about 10 points backing up his self acclaimed Kingship. Among others the rapper has pointed out that.

(1) Hip Hop in Malawi has gone Childish since he left,

(2) Since he left no Hip Hop artist has attracted attention from two state presidents like the way it is with his music

(3) One president Banned his music saying because he felt Kalawe’s music was too powerful, while the other openly said his music is too powerful declaring that they are his favorite.

(4) He raised the bar high that nobody has reached after 6 years of trying..

For more of this you can refer To Kalawe’s Facebook post

Above all the rapper put across a manifesto of what he promises to do for the Hip Hop society once he gets into office. Among others the rapper said he is going to

(A) Drain the swamp
(B) He is going to give a chance to the ghetto youth with talent
(C) He is going to put an end to unnecessary beefs

The self claimed King further said ” so here I am to deliver my Inaugural freestyle. By the end of the day Kings get the power to lead from the lead, so you will be the judges”.

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