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Don Tarz aims at organising Sumfest in Malawi

by Blessings Chitekwere

The Lilongwe based Reggae Dancehall artist Don Tarzan born Pilirani Francis Nyanja expressed desire of organising big music events in the foreseeable future, 265ENT MAG has learnt.

Don Tarz started music in 2013 and has released more than 100 songs by February 2020 with “Alfandika” being the latest release.

After graduating from the Malawi Polytechnic College in Blantyre he was once an employee and then a businessman but he switched to full time music business, however, he said that Malawi’s music industry lacks proper management and the talent is underutilized, therefore, he wishes to be involved in music organization which will turn things around.

“The management is a flop, God willing, I want to focus on organizing music events similar to the Jamaica’s Reggae Sumfest,” he said.

Don Tarz said Malawi’s music industry has potential to be making money and for the musicians to be making profit provided there is proper management which is not there yet. He, further, said there are many talented musicians who struggle to get recognized because there are less urban music shows.

On the other side Don Tarz blamed some artists who do not want to invest in their careers but except more, however, he did not hesitate to advise them to continue putting in the works and believe in unity and love.

He explained: “remain focused in life, believe in love and unity for hastiness and rudiness results into conflicts and no success at all.


“Know your strengths and dwell on them to turn them into money and success, good health is capital so make sure you live a decent life.

He added that human beings are nothing without God so it is imperative to pray for our plans to excel.

Don Tarz is not married and he stays in Mtandire with his family.

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