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Debutants wow crowds at Lake of Stars Discovery

by Harold Kapindu

Lake of stars “Discovery” Kicked off on Friday 27th to Sunday 29th

Local and regional debutants have once again blow people’s minds at the country’s flagship festival, Lake of Stars dubbed “Discovery” which ended on Sunday, 29 September, 2019.

The 3 day festival which kicked off on Friday 27 September attracted established and rising artists from Malawi and beyond borders.

Erick Palian

Erick Palian

The festival saw International acts Moon Child Sanelly, Amanda Black performing alongside veteran Malawian musician Erick Paliani, Faith Mussa, Sangie, Piksy and debutants Eli Njuchi and The King’s Rifles.

Lake of Stars Head of Media, PR and Marketing Zilanie Gondwe said offering a platform to Malawi, regional and global rising stars was one of the core objectives of Lake of Stars Discovery.

“As we have been saying from the very beginning since we celebrated and introduced the new concept to the media, Lake of Stars Discovery allows us to rediscover, reexamine and give a platform to as many as young artists in Malawi, the region and wider.

“Hence, you have seen artists like Eli Njuchi, Praise Umali and The King’s Rifles performing at LoS for the first time. These are some of the artists we have seen their music growing on different platforms and programs that we admire and support,” Gondwe narrated.

Praise Umali

Praise Umali

In his remarks, King Kananji of The King’s Rifles described the group’s journey as a roller coaster.


“We released our debut album “Love and Revolution” on 20th May, 2019 and four months later we are performing at Lake of Stars! Its unbelievable,” King Kananji said.

Amanda Black

Amanda Black

He added, “What we’ve really enjoyed is the connection people from everywhere are having with this project, at each show we notice that more and more people are telling us how much of an impact it’s making in their lives. That’s been the best part of this whole experience, people connecting with our message.”

The King's Rifles

The King’s Rifles

The King’s Rifles is a group formed in 2018 comprised of SoulAmp Entertainment artists Phi-Ella, King Kananji and Bassik.

The group was formed as a result of the members wanting to make commentary of the sociopolitical situation in Malawi, Africa and globally.

Part of the crowd

“We felt that few of our contemporaries were tackling these issues and felt it was important that something be said. That’s when we decided to make the Love and Revolution project to address issues we felt were being ignored,” King Kananji explained.

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