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Dare Devilz “For Life” album done

by Harold Kapindu

Dare Devilz is a legendary rap group with no album under its belt. How ironic!

For years, there have been debates from left, right, center as to whether “Welcome to the dark side” was an album or not. Well, the funny part of those arguments was neither the group members, affiliates nor any of those featured in the project have ever participated.

“Welcome to the dark side” was actually a mixtape, the group had initially planned to drop an album bearing the said title but ended up quashing the whole project.

By public demand and for the sake of their fans, they however compiled some of their popular and unreleased tracks under the “Welcome to the dark side” project title.

One reason why the group still insists “Welcome to the dark side” was never an album is because it was a conceptual body of work hence the songs in the mixtape were not aligned to the concept.

Fast forward to year 2020, Dare Devilz officially announces its debut 15 track studio album, “Dare Devilz for life” entirely produced by Marcus and GD, the brothers of destruction in Malawi urban music.

The title and production credits might be obvious, but surprisingly the album will be released independently contrary to rumours circulating on social media.

Social media has been awash with speculations that the album might be released under Phyzix’s Its Only Entertainment or Fredokiss’ Ghetto Gutter Entertainment since the duo is affiliated to the two labels.

Surprise, surprise! “Dare Devilz For Life” will be released independently on their label, Lo Budget Records.

The title has two underlying concepts. Firstly, because most Dare Devilz fans thought they quit music. Secondly, the group feels their craft will immortalise them.

Another surprise is that contrary to the Dare Davilz norm of dropping singles, the album has no lead single. It will be dropped as a full project with music snippets thrown on social media.

Unconventionally, be also on the lookout for a Dare Devilz Facebook Live album listening party.

Afro star Nepman, the first artist to be signed under Lo Budget Records, is one notable vocalist on this full body of work.

If you follow this column, you may recall I earlier declared that this is a Dare Devilz year. We wish them all the best and hope they will deliver.


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