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Beenie Man comes in with a new single,—Do you want to be that guy

by Brian Mtimaukanena

Still hot from his Verzuz battle with Bounty Killer, “The Doctor ” Beenie Man now has a new track.

‘Do you want to be that guy’ is his latest single. Just in case you missed it. This is his infamous catchphrase from that night in history, Saturday, May 23rd when he and the Warlord went head to head in what has become the most popular Verzuz battle of all time. According to Dancehall Mag.

It was during round 12 of the live streamed battle with over 500,000 viewers watching. Two police offices entered the studio. In solid attempts to halt the show due to breaches of the mandated Covid-19 preventive measures.

It’s then when the two contenders become suspicious of what was going on. Bounty stepped off Camera while Beenie (Still in battle mode) stood up to the officers.

After letting the cops know they were streaming live, Beenie proceeded to ask one of the men, several times actually, “Do you want to be that guy?” meaning the person who would be held responsible for ending the show.

The show continued and the Two Titans gave out a breath taking presentation that made noise on social media.

A few days later Verzuz Merch logoed “Do you want to be that guy” emerged from Beenie camp T-shirts made good sales. Along was a preview on Instagram of Beenie’s upcoming single.

“Do you want to be that guy” Beenie Heroics have contributed to praises from dancehall fanatics. Hence the single ‘Do you wanna be that guy’.

I am pretty assured that the single will make a hit, no doubted to that. The official audio was launched on YouTube Wednesday, June 3rd with the former King of Dancehall delivering a medley of quick lyrical-spitting and high pitch singing.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtVT-gOrVhk[/embedyt]


The single is a summary of the events of that night. Beenie says that “like how Bolt bruk the worl record.”

Beenie then says he doesn’t know who called the officers, but…

“Right there infront di worl eyes, here come these two police guys, dem intention neva dat wise. Suh mi ask, Do you wanna be dat guy? Fi stop dancehall from rising high ….fi stop the Jamaican flag from fly,” he choruses throughout the track.

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