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5 reasons as to why is SevenOmore the G.O.A.T

by 265 Entertainment Magazine

In today’s world Its hard to tell great musicians from the competitions since we are always being surrounded by mediocracy in everything we do. Yes this is so because at the end of the day mediocrity is rewarded. Actually yeah! that is how its going down in Malawi.  And the mediocre always make sure they look real. This is exactly why most great musicians are failing to reach their desired destinies. No matter the claims they are only but mediocre. Exactly same thing how awards are distributed in Malawi always going to a person who does not have the special ability to do things well.

For them to claim the promised glory. Above all! look at the market, one thing you see is that only few are real. And a bunch is all we can describe as very good. But to talk of the greatest we usually do have 1 or 2 in a periods of decades. Hence a slow process in the development of our music industry.

And now let me tell you One thing, maybe 2 or even three of the things that are missing in today’s music. I think you still remember we are talking about Malawi here.
1. Lyricism
2. Authenticity
3. Creativity
4. Confidence
5. Imagination

These 5 things are usually hard to find in our music as Malawi, Mostly everyone is copying from the trends, but don’t miss a word here, mostly is not everyone.

What do you think about SevenOmore?

and his imaginary world in 2099. That’s the 1st thing qualifying him to be one of the greatest. And how he confidently tells his story in about 60 something years from now. What is it that  came up into his mind for him to create such a world ? I do ask myself such a question most of the times, most definite he is the only one who can answer that.

The way he relates  today’s societal problems in his music and the way he happens to have solved them in
2099 is so adventures not only that, this is too authentic 7Omore is leaving in his own world free from copyright he is Genuine adding a little spice I must say he is real. All that has been described here without doubt would lead us to the term  creative.  The above mentioned points put together usually say it all, he is not only a creative musician as well he is an outstanding music producer and by far the greatest creative director in Malawi.

One last thing Composing music is something that everyone does, because everyone is a composer  but being a  lyrical is a complete different story, There are a lot of composers out there lacking that lyrical mastery, that use of figurative form of speech in telling you, why, what, when and how the incident happened.  Seven can give you all the details in only five lines in his songs with also assuring you all the reasons why he love or hurts you in only 30 seconds of his piece of music you easily got it all.
______7 AKA Ya’china 7 or 70Kgs is the Greatest Of All Time.

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