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Dan Lu demands chakwera to resign in ” Tulani pansi”

by Wasema Jr
Dan Lufan - Tulani Pansi

The Afro- pop icon, Dan Lu who is known as die- hard- -fan of Democratic progressive Party ( DPP) is set to release a track titled ” Tulani pansi” tomorrow demanding President Lazarus Chakwera to resign.

Breaking the news to fans through his social media walls yesterday, Dan Lu posted artwork of the song which carries words ” Tulani Pansi ” with newspaper headline stories in background, proving that Chakwera’s administration is failing in many ways.

Some of the things shown are issues of mismanagement of Affordable Input Program ( AIP), Mera Board Saga, and government loosing 4 billion in passport revenue.

Last week, Dan Lu made two posts in two consecutive days expressing his dissatisfaction with current economic crisis in the country which has resulted prices of basic needs like bread, and Cooking oil to be so expensive. But he did not reveal that he is up to something. Most of fans also shared similar concerns and pleaded government to do something.

One of his fans Jimmy Charles Kadangochepa commented ; ” Standard of living is costly to Malawians”.

However, when he revealed he is going to release song forcing Chakwera to resign, some attacked him saying he is being political, while others like Raul Royola said, he is doing nothing wrong because he is just reminding president of his words that he would resign in 2 years if situation worsen.

At the Moment, noted politicians both from government and opposition sides have not yet reacted to the development. Furthermore, he has not got single support from his fellow artists including his colleague, Tay grin.

Tulani Pansi was produced by Beat king Kong.

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