by Brian Mtimaukanena

The truth is, you can’t have a successful website in a day, week or two. This process will require patience, great planning while understanding your niche with every single bit of it. Every idea or niche that you wish to venture in is competitive. Today it is said the internet has made people millionaires let’s say billionaires. For that they has been a downpour of online businesses each of them trying to achieve success in their own way. So if you decide today to venture into this, be ready and prepared to do better than best. They say “don’t make your work feel like work, make it feel like vacation”. Meaning enjoy every twist and turn, every high and low.
Below i have put up some of the ideas I came across on my research as to how one can build a successful website. Let’s see.

Choosing a domain name.

This is the vital area since your domain is your brand. It will possibly speak good or bad about your business. Choosing a domain name shouldn’t be a tiresome job, in fact it should be enjoyable when I’m trying to come up with a domain name I use the model process I developed this is. K.I.S.C this is to say Keep It

Simple and Concise.

The simplest your domain name is, the easiest for your visitors to keep you in mind and most easiest for you to make them return visitors. And at the end of it returning them into paying visitors. Your domain name should carry all the information about your business in simple terms. The naming might be the secret code to your success, so your domain name is the key factor. You need to register you domain with valid domain registrar they are a lot of them out there you can as well choose from here, Bluehost check out godaddy and claudfare

Choose your Niche


Your website is the catalog for your brand and services. Hence you must choose an area you’re good at before making a step. An IT technician it’s good for you to step into ICT as a niche. A doctor points to healthy. Economist points to business and commerce. Same for marketers, musicians. Bands and what have you. You niche gives you an idea of what you will give to your audience and it explains of what they should expect from you.

Strategy and branding.


Here is the thing anyone can create a website and promote it. But how strategic are you,? This is what will make a difference and things will happen for you if you’re are sure as to how you can fit your website into your branding and media. Results come in to those who prepare. Getting yourself ready is the common sense which is not common. Everyone is looking for the top spot without knowing how to get there.

Developing content


Website is content, without content they is nothing to talk about. The content we create how we fit it into the website builds curiosity or desire for more, on the other hand it can completely rob of interest from your audience. Content is the heart of your website. Search engines, humans inclusive are looking for great content that fits well into the site to cultivate interest. Your content should engage and demand for response. That way you will become a friend to search engines as well as people will come now and again to your site. Avoid mistakes like putting broken links into your site. The 404 errors will take you off business. You don’t need too much advertising that is annoying. Advertise like a professional. Make your content and adds fit in together that they make sense to a reader. Write catchy articles by the title. Make every title to a post or page get a reader wish for more. Use graphics that’s important humans are said to be attracted by visual. So make sure you are using your visuals to conquer your reader for good.

Develop a social media strategy

You need to make away as to how to persuade and encourage people to visit your site. It’s not easy to get someone to jump in. But assure yourself that you will get one and they will visit often. In today’s world social media is playing a vital role in converting your ads into a real time traffic to your site. You need not to overlook at this. It’s a stand point to you glory online. Insert or link all your social platforms to your site get your visitors to know you exist.

Content marketing.


Obviously now you have taken off. Get yourself a stunt. Put some amazing info on your site. Make yourself visible and track every single bit of whatever it is that you content is bringing to you. Make yourself available on search engines by optimizing you content by the use of keywords. Make your page/post titles simple catchy and use words that people are searching for most of the times. Register for webmasters like Google, Bing and Yandex this will help you out.
I am trying to be brief with you, everything is possible.


Team work. Beliosa

Get yourself a team of guys who are good at whatever your niche is. Give them a plan, see there passion develop from it. Make sure you motivating every single day every one of them. Give them roles. Writers, Editors Advertisers. All these will help to make work funny and enjoyable. The faith you have in you team will help you move a milestone so take care of the way you cooperate with your guys.

Make money.

Simple as it may seem its an office and now you can start making money. The following article will discuss how you can leverage from you website as well as you will know how Kyle Carson turned wealthaffiliate.com to a million dollar company. All these are steps that if handled with care can move you to an extra mile. You can do well if you have purpose, desire that includes an execution plan. My silly advice would be don’t give up. Stand on your feet

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