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Here are some reasons why uploading your song on the internet is vital-for musicians

by Brian Mtimaukanena

In the past musicians relied on CDs, record cassettes as a way of delivering recorded content like music. But with time things have changed, the internet has taken over as a way of getting/giving information, storing files as well as selling services or delivering services.

So this gives a chance to music artists to use internet as a storage for their content. This happens by uploading files like music both audios/videos to the internet. Below are some reasons why uploading music to the internet is vital for musicians.

Easy accessibility from fans

Fans can easily get to your music without having to ask you for links or files. With the help of search engines your fans can easily search on the internet for your music. This will lead them to the files you uploaded. Thereby saving time, effort and energy. This means that everyone with internet access can get to your music at their own will. Your job is to make them aware of your existence.

You easily get analytics

The digital world gives us the ability to track, as well as keep records of the analytical data. This would mean knowing how many views you got, how many Downloads. As well as a number of comments, shares that includes likes and dislikes. This data has the ability to give out a picture on how good or bad one is doing. And it gives room to strategizing since you have a pictorial overview over your performance.


You save time when trying to share your music with your udience

It’s time saving as well resources are saved. Since you upload it once the rest can access it using the link. By opening a link everyone is directed to your song or whatsoever. They can stream, purchase or either download. It all depends on how you choose to give out your product.

It’s a professional way in presenting yourself as a brand.

Music Industry Summit to the core values of business as any other industry. For that musicians creates brands that can be turned into high level influence groups. That’s where endorsement deals comes from. Therefore it’s better to present ones product to their audience in a fashionable manner.


Musicians get a chance to expand their reach to people far from your circle

Since the internet is a world wide platform, it gets you connect to new people from various parts of the world. This gives you an opportunity to level up into the international standards. It’s all possible if you’re using the internet creatively.


These mentioned, it’s great to sum up that if your music as an artist isn’t available on the internet to this day. You are nothing but a died artist, you must do something for your survival.

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