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Gracious left Videography into shoe making -Entrepreneurs mindset

by Brian Mtimaukanena

Here is on of the rare characters to have among the Malawian youth. Gracious left Vidoegraphy into shoe making and he is doing better when everybody doubted.

In a society where 90 out of hundred youth are unemployed. Actually 55% of those are educated, yet there are lingering about looking for work. Obviously this is the case at the moment in our country (Malawi).

But in reality it’s not every young person who has given up. 70 percent of the 18 million is comprised of young people. Yet almost 66% of those are idle, meaning they can’t contribute to national development in that state. With this being said I don’t see such a country achieving it’s goals in personal, community as well as nation development.

The situation might be sad considering the figures mentioned above, but for people like “Gracious” it’s time to do something for national development.

They are many people doing great in the fashion sector and “Gracious” is among them. Gracious traditional footwear or Gracious Nsapato is one brand to look forward to.

Gracious says ” it’s obvious that clothing is a basic neccesity. The fact is every human being regardless of age, race, gender or skin color, they all need shoes hence he and his team found it wiser to venture into this business dumping videography. Because the market is readily available. We can make any shoes you desire starting from men’s boots to kids slippers and women sandals” he explained to our reporter.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”23″ display=”basic_slideshow”]The most amazing thing is, he never went to school to learn this, he disclosed it to 265ENT saying as a a shoe repair he was working hard on improving his skills. So he came to understanding the basics on how shoes are made.

There is a reliance on exported goods locally, those from big Brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan just to mention but a few. Gracious says “by embracing our culture as it is we can easily overcome this mindset”.


“It is factual that my company is helping the country, since we pay tax, we have employed 5 people and also some of our products are exported, which inturn brings in foreign currency to our national. Knowing that I can do such a thing for my country, that makes me happy and satisfied”.

Gracious said they produce different types of designs depending on the customers need. And they do all that to satisfy their clients needs.

“Today we are living in a world where fashion is changing now and then, and for us to suite into such dynamics we need to be more creative, so that our designs are outstanding on the market by satisfying our customers needs we can achieve more” he explained.

As an entrepreneur his wish is to employ a good number of youth in 4 years coming, his ambition is to expand into an international brand that can supply Malawian shoes to the world. Thereby making sure that they branch out in all the neighbouring countries and far beyond.

Advice to fellow youth

“I would wish all the young people in the country to be focused on what they do. To have unwavering faith and a supportive heart. Let no one tell you that you can’t achieve anything, take everything you do seriously because that’s your work and nothing else matters.

There are always setback in everything but don’t give up” He added.

Gracious Kabango comes from Lilongwe Malawi talk to him on by contacting +265997549713

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