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6th Claims Onesimus failed to Pay him for his “Home Coming Concert” booking – As well as denied him a chance to perform.

by 265 Entertainment Magazine
6th ( Left ) & Onesimus ( right )

On 26th September, things were rocky in Lilongwe Particularly at the Lilongwe Golf Club as Onesimus was on fire with his ”Home Coming Concert” which went down perfectly as planned. Only a couple negatives to surface after the show. Probably to say as we were busy enjoying and cheering some were climbing mountains to achieve a dream.

The are a couple of scandals surfacing now and then, Apart from the Onesimus Kick to a fan. Music Artist 6th has now come out saying Onesimus and the event management
team failed to pay him, his booking fee, as well denied him a chance to perform. 6th revealed this as he was responding to a fan who was asking why he did no perform at Onesimus’s “Home Coming Concert”.

6th went on further saying he borrowed money for transport just to get there from Blantyre, he says he pushed them to send transport so that he can pay back the money he borrowed. But the organiser send money t him  around 12 mid day and he made it to the show around 3 O’clock just to find that he wasn’t allowed to get in because he was late and was supposed to buy a ticket.

Luckily enough he jumped in into a bus that carried the likes of Dj Megi, to find himself on stage only to be told he is not performing and they wont pay him anything. If he got the guts he should report anywhere to get help.

From there he chilled just to watch the show and left. 6th Claims that he got home in Blantyre on the 29th of September after struggling to get transport. In his statement 6th says he tried his best he knows Onesimus is only good on the

Meanwhile this took Onesimus by surprise that he made sure he says something on the matter
”I love @6th_mw so much and regardless of him not performing I’m aware that Tonderai and DT paid him half
the amount of his charge and I told them not to ask for the money back although they complained that he was
late and wanted to compromise @GwambaOfficial set, I pray he grows”

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