Zeze Kingston’s in my Zone EP keep it 5th on App Music Top 100.


As we are celebrating onesimu’s “Love and Dreams” Ep for making it to number 1 on Apple Music Top 100 chat, we should also be reminded of the success behind Zeze’s “In my zone EP” that has kept the 5th position for some time now on Apple music top 100.

“In my Zone” and “Love and Dreams” currently are the only projects from Malawi that have managed to make in into the top five on Apple music Chat.

Both projects released within the months of November and  December  respectively.

And both have received an overwhelmingly massive support from Malawi and across the boarders.

While the Zeze’s In My Zone is available for free as well as can be accessed across all streaming platforms worldwide, Onesimus’s “Love and Dreams” Ep is currently only available in only international platforms officially.

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