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Onesimus close to 50k views-with easy baby official music video

by Brian Mtimaukanena

It doesn’t get better than this!!!!

Only 5 days gone after Onesimus dropped ‘easy baby’ music video. A single taken off, from his latest album ‘Messenger’.
The song seemed to have received positive feedback from music lovers from all over around the world, the singer has hit 47,959 views as of today. That has kept the pulse as steady fast than most local artists.

Its enough to say ‘Onesimus’ Brand as a music artist is growing. Making hits now and then and his recognition to the world is proving him to be the fastest growing artist on the local scene. This is contrary to the opinion that a good number of music analysts have dwelt on since, the guy turned from secular to gospel. As well as changing his stage name from Armstrong to Onesimus.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBRDF_-u170[/embedyt]

The Messenger album is still a masterpiece, with hit singles like, ‘Easy baby’ Hossana, Trending, He will never fail and Shekele.

Quatable lyrics from Easy Baby

Beauty can fade away
Butterflies can fly away
Money can come and go
No rushing honey
Take it easy my baby
Boyfriend can runaway
Sweet nights can fade away
I know you’re under pressure
But no rushing honey
Take it easy my baby


As of now they are over 1k likes for the video on YouTube and only 5 dislikes with 90 comments and a good number of the comments are applauding in nature.



‘Bro I’m genuinely loving this music video because of the high quality. You have set the bar extremely high. I’m super proud of you’. One YouTube user expressed his feelings

And another one said ‘ The video is dope however I feel like its kinda incomplete , would be nice if bro Onesimus went with a bible and preached to the girls in the video , you know , something like that. show the girls in church with their lives change and complete in Christ , just my idea , anyway I’m a fan bro!!!!’

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