Never judge people by their social media posts – Says Dorothy Shonga.


“I’ve been in and out of the hospital this year” Malawi’s top social media female celebrity and business mogul Dorothy Shonga has revealed the life behind her social media posts.

Dorothy who is known for her photogenic accent has said that

” Never judge people by their social media posts, 90% posts differ to real life ” She said.

In her Facebook posts that is comparing herself and her social media image.

Which she says is quite contrary, Dorothy says in 2020 – 2021 she was faced with depression and yet she choose not to post anything about it.

Only continued with posting beautiful pictures.

She even said, this year in October, November to date has been about hospitals.

Saying she tripped in her bathroom and injured her spine and leg. Leaving her right leg and arm weak and numb that she is currently going for physiotherapy. And yet she as well chose not to post.

As this is not enough, she further said last week she was admitted again. For Malaria and bacterial infection.

And she is still in bed till now.

Meanwhile Shonga tipped her fans not to believe everything they see or hear on social media.

Saying “Social media is about “pity and bully – no solutions”

She further said that some post are there to keep ones status and in real life, there is a life that we don’t know about.

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