Netflix to air “Vilekeke night of laughter”


“Vilekeke night of laughter” is becoming a big brand on its own, that it has now managed to attract international attention.

Following an announcement that came a few hours ago. It is now confirmed that the worlds biggest streaming service ‘Netflix’ will air the “Vilekeke night of laughter comedy film”.

According to Vilekeke group, it is there wish to air this event on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Hence they urge all attendees to take their seats in time, dress to impress as well as bring with them enthusiasm and support in order to make the filming successful.

The organisers have also notified their audience that, the event will be filmed extensively and so they say, the cameras won’t be intrusive to the guests.

This means that all the guest will be able to focus on all the proceedings without interruptions.

The event which is set to take place on the 26th of December 2022. Will bring to the stage top talent, among others is Tik Tok comedian Mozisi, Teacher Mpamile, Dr Namadingo and Mr Jokes.

Just to mention but a few.

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