” Michiru View Boys EP ready to drop – Dedicated to the late Martse” says Provoice.


Malawi’s top musician Provoice, has finally come out to announce the release of the most anticipated project ‘Michiru View Boys EP”. This comes after the singer with fellow artist Malceba survived a road accident, that coasted one life in Dedza.

This is a joint project with the “Too Ghetto too Gutter icon” late Martse,

According to his statement, the EP drops on Friday 23rd December 2022.

Seven songs have been put together to complete the tracklist. Where two of them where already dropped namely “Njinga” and ‘Lululu’.

The EP has featured top talent from the country. Among those is Vube of the Chindekha fame, Profyt, Ill mind, Veda and Eso Slique.

“The Michiru View boys EP” has been mixed and mastered by various producers, the likes of Ckay and Cuff B just to mention but a few.

The project will be available for downloads and streaming in all digital platforms.

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